Monday, 29 February 2016

PAPERS FOR WAR TIME. No. 1 to No. 36


Great Britain is engaged in a war from which, aswe believe, there was offered to our nation no honourable way of escape. The desire of all who love their country is to serve it in the hour of its need, and so to live and labour that those who have fallen in its service may not have died in vain. While this may suffice to make immediate duty clear, the war remains in the deepest sense a challenge to Christian thought. The present bitter struggle between nations which for centuries have borne the Christian name indicates some deep-seated failure to understand the principles of Christ and to apply them to human affairs.

This series of papers embodies an attempt to reach, by common thought, discussion and prayer, a truer understanding of the meaning of Christianity and of the mission of the Church to the individual, to society and to the world.

Those who are promoting the issue of these papers are drawn from different political parties and different Christian bodies. They believe that the truth they seek can be attained only by providing for a measure of diversity in expression. Therefore they do not accept responsibility for the opinions of any paper taken alone. But in spirit they are united, for they are one in the conviction that in Christ and in His Gospel lies the hope of redemption and health for society and for national life.

1914 No. 01. Christianity and war / William Temple
1914 No. 02. Are we worth fighting for? / Richard Roberts
1914 No. 03. The woman's part / Elma K. Paget
1914 No. 04. Brothers all / Edwyn Bevan
1914 No. 05. The decisive hour / Joseph Houldsworth Oldham
1914 No. 06. Active service / W.R. Maltby
1914 No. 07. The war spirit in our national life / A. Herbert Gray
1914 No. 08. Christian conduct in war time / W.H. Moberly
1914 No. 09. Wittnes of the church in the present crisis / by X
1914 No. 10. The real war / William Edwin Orchard
1914 No. 11. Love came at Christmas / G.H. Leonard
1914 No. 12. Answer to Bernhardi / D.S. Cairns
1914 No. 13. Patriotism / Percy Dearmer
1914 No. 14. Spending in war time / E.J. Urwich
1914 No. 15. Christianit and Force / A. G. HOGG, M.A
1914 No. 16. Germany and Germans / ELEANOR McDOUGALL, M.A.
1914 No. 17. Pharisaism and war / Frank Lenwood
1914 No. 18. The cure for war / A. Clutton-Brock
1914 No. 19. Our need of a Catholic Church / William Temple
1914 No. 20. War this war and sermon on the mount / Burnett Hillman Streeter
1914 No. 21. The removing of mountains
1914 No. 22. International control / William George Stewart Adams
1914 No. 23. The price of blood / Kenneth Maclennan
1914 No. 24. Biology and war / John Arthur Thomson
1914 No. 25. The visions of youth / Bishop of Winchester
1914 No. 26. Bernhardism in England / A. Clutton-Brock
1914 No. 27. The only alternative to war / A. Herbert Gray
1914 No. 28. Chariots of fire / Frank Lenwood
1914 No. 29. The ethics of international trade / Henri Lambert
1914 No. 30. India and the war / John Matthai
1914 No. 31. British and German scholarship / J.H. Moulton
1914 No. 32. Are we to punish Germany, if we can? / A. Clutton-Brock
1914 No. 33. Peace with Empire / Edwyn Bevan
1914 No. 34. The reasonable direction of force / Louise E. Matthaei
1914 No. 35. What is at stake in the war /Robert William Seton-Watson
1914 No. 36. The church, the hope of future / Joseph Houldsworth Oldham

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